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Episode 6 | Mission 4

Discover reverse graffiti

Reverse-graffiti is a method of creating temporary or semi-permanent images on walls or other surfaces by removing dirt from a surface. It also has "eco-savvy counterparts" where such things as liquefied mud, moss, recycled fur, and other eco-friendly materials are used. This is kind of a "greenification" of graffiti for both positive and "anarchistic" social comment.

Alexandre Orion is a Brazilian graffiti artist who practices “Reverse Graffiti,” also known as clean tagging, grime writing, or green graffiti. In 2007 Alexandre transformed São Paulo’s Max Feffer Tunnel into an impactful statement on passive pollution. Watch a video of Alexandre’s work before the authorities washed it off.

Have you noticed a dirty surface near where you live that could be cleaned up and improved with reverse graffiti? What graffiti image would you imagine for that surface? Might “eco friendly” materials work to clean up the surface? Share you ideas and impressions, and make sure you mark the location on the map by clicking “more options”.


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