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You are now ready for the most challenging part of EVOKE: Your Evokation. An Evokation is a plan of action. It’s a clear and vivid description of a project you want to undertake. Answer the ultimate challenge.
Since this is the last episode, we would like you to answer a short survey about your experience playing Equipe EVOKE. Your answers will help us improve the next round of the game.

An EVOKATION showcases your dreams and plans. It’s a clear and vivid description of a project that you believe will solve a real problem. And it’s how YOU will earn the opportunity to continue your journey as a social innovator.

The top EVOKATIONs, as determined by HP and the World Bank, will be awarded with an iPad, iPod, laptop, US$500 or a mentorship with HP executives. To qualify, you need to complete 3 missions in each episode, complete your user profile and earn at least one Level 4 specialization badge.

You may submit your Evokation until June 29th, choose your challenge now: