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How to play

Welcome to the EVOKE network!

However you got here, where ever you are from, you have taken the first step in changing your world. This is not a simulation. You are about to tackle real problems.

You have taken the first step. Now what?

Discover our Story

Every week, we will reveal one chapter of the Equipe EVOKE story, and every week, you and your friends will be challenged with missions to complete both online and in real life. As EVOKE agents, you’ll learn new skills, find new allies and collaborators, and make a real difference in the world.

If you accept this challenge, you will be rewarded with the ultimate recognition – a recognition from the EVOKE network that you are ready to change your world. By completing missions, building skills, earning specialization badges and presenting an EVOKATION, you will earn your EVOKE Earth Guardian certificate.


Are you ready? Each new episode brings a new set of missions with increasing levels of difficulty. Some missions will challenge you to investigate the stories behind Equipe EVOKE; some will challenge you to get out in the real world, and to do something to help solve a real problem; and some will challenge you to unleash your creativity and tell a story of the future you want to make.

You’ll complete your missions by submitting evidence to Equipe EVOKE. That evidence — blog posts, photos, videos and other media — will demonstrate that you’ve harnessed the necessary skills and discovered the insights to affect real change. You’ll earn skill points for completing each mission.

Other EVOKE agents can comment on and award special “skill votes” to your evidence. You are encouraged to do the same for them, and to find people from around the world with similar interests and inspiration for play.


EVOKE agents develop skills in two ways: 1) by submitting evidence to complete missions and 2) by receiving Skill Recognition Points from other players. Skill levels increase as agents submit more evidence, receive additional Skill Recognition and participate in additional episodes.

Skill Recognition

Skill Recognition is a community acknowledgement that a piece of evidence goes above-and-beyond in demonstrating the skills that make a great EVOKE agent. Any agent can award Skill Recognition by awarding evidence submitted by other agents up to 3 Skill Recognition Points.

Growing one skill is good, but the best EVOKE agents are high-level performers across multiple skills. You can track your total Skill Recognition points on your profile page.


Starts debates, challenges thinking and motivates change. Presents ideas and creates discussions eventually leading to others changing views and making workable solutions. Builds momentum for change. Unleashes an idea that has the potential to snowball.

Award Activism Skill Recognition to evidence that is interesting and inspires people to take action.

Problem Solving

Understands challenges quickly and applies imaginative solutions. Implements solutions decisively. Dares to tackle seemingly unsolvable problems.

Award Problem Solving Skill Recognition to evidence that presents a solution to a problem.

Idea Connecting

Identifies related information. Brings talents together. Sees connections that others miss.

Award Idea Connecting Skill Recognition to evidence that connects at least two distinct ideas.

Knowledge Building

Finds relevant information. Summarizes complex ideas. Shares what you know.

Award Knowledge Building Skill Recognition to evidence that is interesting, accurate and is summarized.

Local Insight

Stands in other’s shoes to understand the needs of the local community. Ventures out to observe and experience the world first hand. Seeks inspiration in unusual places.

Award Local Insight Skill Recognition to evidence that demonstrates an understanding of a community.


Recognizes an opportunity and pursues it with passion. Creates something that will thrive. Implements an idea and makes it financially sustainable.

Award Entrepreneurship Skill Recognition to evidence that demonstrates an opportunity and its solution.


Applies imagination. Dreams up new ideas and devises uncommon solutions. Paints the world in a new light.

Award Creativity Skill Recognition for evidence that creates an emotional reaction.

Data Analysis

Analyzes a problem with solid information. Gathers data and argues for a position based on the data.

Award Data Analysis Skill Recognition for evidence that uses data to reach a conclusion.

Specialization Badges

Specializations are awarded to agents who demonstrate a high level of ability in a particular set of skills. Each time you earn a Specialization Badge or level up you will receive a notification email and a message on the website.

Specialization Levels

EVOKE agents can increase their specialization level by increasing the levels of all of the skills required for that specialization. So, to earn the Level 2 Analyst badge, an agent must receive 3 Skill Recognition points in each of the skills required — Idea Connecting, Knowledge Building and Data Analysis.

Skills and specializations are displayed on your profile page. Target your favorite specializations, then submit evidence that you feel reflects the skills required by those specializations. Keep an eye on your progress — and the progress of your friends — as you post evidence and earn Skill Recognition points from other players.

Analyst Look into issues deeply. Rely on numbers and data to find the truth. Identify connections that others miss. Idea Connecting, Knowledge Building, Data Analysis
Artist Give a new interpretation to your world. Live outside the box. Create beauty. Reveal truth. Activism, Creativity
Builder Construct something out of nothing. Find the elements of the vision and create something new. Problem Solving, Entrepreneurship, Data Analysis
Entrepreneur Create what is needed but does not exist. See what could be. Move boldly toward a vision. Creativity, Entrepreneurship
Inventor Find new ideas for old problems. Create tools to change the world. Connecting Ideas, Creativity, Data Analysis, Problem Solving
Journalist See the world as it is and share the truth. Find knowledge, interpret meaning, and give insight. Activism, Knowledge Building, Local Insight
Garbologist Get your hands dirty. Dig deep into the issues of waste and share your ideas to save the earth. Activism, Knowledge Building


In episodes 2-6 new achievements will be unlocked for actions taken throughout the EVOKE Network.

Profile Page

Your profile page is where other players can learn about you. Your profile page includes a number of questions to answer. A complete profile page is required to receive your EVOKATION Earth Guardian Certificate.

When you visit other players' profile page you can follow them, just like Twitter. Their activity will be displayed on the Activity section of your profile.


This is the ultimate challenge: the Evokation. An Evokation is a plan of action. It’s a clear and vivid description of a project you want to undertake. And it’s how YOU will earn the opportunity to continue your journey as a social innovator.

You are challenged to submit one or more EVOKATIONS about six issues:

  1. Don’t waste your life -- What is your solution to the piles of trash that litter our communities?
  2. Be Green -- Share your world changing idea on increasing the amount that we recycle.
  3. Clear and Pure -- How can we better preserve our most essential resource-- water.
  4. Electronic Wasteland -- Share your most innovative approach to increasing e-waste reclycling rates.
  5. The Earth’s Lungs -- What can be done to sustainably manage our rainforests?
  6. Art Speaks Louder than Words -- How can you transform trash into art?

Six different rewards are available - a mentorship with HP executives, iPad, iPod, laptop or grants of US$500. To qualify to for a reward you need to complete 3 missions in each episode, complete your user profile and earn at least one Level 4 specialization badge.

Choose your EVOKATION now and begin your social innovator journey.

How the Evokation Works

We will ask you to submit your Evokation by June 29th.

Your Evokation must include the following four essential elements:

  1. The Pitch. A 15 to 20 second pitch to explain and excite someone about your idea.
  2. The Place. Where will you make a difference? Describe the institution, community, town or other geographic or virtual space in which you will focus your efforts.
  3. The Challenge. What will you aim to change, and for whom? Highlight what is the need that you perceive and who will benefit from this change.
  4. The Idea. Your solution — what is the action, product, service, project, change that you will initiate? Tell us how will your idea will succeed where others have failed. Be as thorough as possible.

We will look for truly creative solutions, breakthrough ideas, solid business plans, and courageous projects — and we hope to find up to 6 Evokations to support with at least one award.

You can start your ultimate challenge NOW

Are YOU ready to take the next step of this journey? Are you going to take your knowledge, your passion, and your vision, and act courageously to convert your ideas into reality? Start preparing your Evokation now — so we can continue our social innovation adventure together.