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Rafael Armani

Location: Porto Alegre - RS, Brasil

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Level 2

Look into issues deeply. Rely on numbers and data to find the truth. Identify connections that others miss. Required Skills: Connecting Ideas, Data Analysis, Knowledge Building.

Level 2

Give a new interpretation to your world. Live outside the box. Create beauty. Reveal truth. Required Skills: Activism, Creativity.

Level 2

Construct something out of nothing. Find the new elements of the vision and create something new. Required Skills: Data Analysis, Entrepreneurship, Problem Solving.

Level 2

Creative what is needed but does not exist. See what could be. Move boldly toward a vision. Required Skills: Creativity, Entreprenurship.

Level 2

Create tools to change the world. Find the elements of the vision and create something new. Required Skills: Connecting Ideas, Creativity, Data Analysis, Problem Solving.

Level 2

See the world as it is and share the truth. Find knowledge, interpret meaning, and give insight. Required Skills: Activism, Knowledge Building, Local Insight.

Level 2

Get your hands dirty. Dig deep into the issues of waste and share your ideas to save the Earth. Required Skills: Activism, Knowledge Building.